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How much does IPL Dry Eye Cost?

Prior to your treatment, the doctor will discuss the likely number of treatments with you and our staff will notify you about pricing.

Typically, three treatments will be required although for moderate to severe cases a fourth treatment is needed. Treatment cost is $1200 for three sessions and $1500 for four sessions and are often spaced between two to four weeks apart.

Is IPL for dry eye covered by insurance?

Insurance does not cover the cost of IPL, and the charge for each treatment session will be explained to you depending on the length of the treatment you are opting for. For treatments not covered by insurance, we offer financing options through Care Credit.

How often do I need to have IPL for dry eye?

Patients can expect marked improvement in their dry eye symptoms after the first series of IPL treatment with a cumulative effect at the end of the third session. Your doctor might also recommend occasional maintenance treatments depending on the severity of your condition.

Your optometrist may advise you to come back for an additional session of IPL treatment every three to six months, depending on how severe your dry eyes are and how your eyes will initially react to the procedure.

Is intense pulsed light the same as laser?

IPL utilizes broader range wavelengths of intense light, unlike laser treatment that operates on a narrower, specific wavelength, making IPL safer and gentler than laser.

Does intense pulsed light hurt?

You may experience some redness and a little discomfort in the treated areas, but they are mild and will only last for a few minutes or hours after the session.

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