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Our first visit to Ridgeview Optometry. What a beautiful office with glass walls and very clean waiting area. Unfortunately my little girl had broken her glasses beyond repair. She was upset and felt embarrassed walking in. I was thinking could a new pair arrive in time. The receptionist was very hospitable and made me smile. They were upbeat and brought out many boxes of glasses to choose from. Which my little girl really enjoyed. Being on medicade this type of luxuary is un heard of. My once sad little girl left dialated, but not from the drops. From the memories of a fun new eye doctor experience. With kids Amblyopia eye patches as a gift from the knowledgeable doctor. My child felt impowered diferently-able vs disabled. A speedy arrival date for new glasses. She went on in the car about the colors of glasses and letters she could finally see again. Most of all my Liliana came home happy. A wonder of the Springs to find such a helpful place. Thank You!

- Liliana L.

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We’ll be closed for the holiday season on the following dates:
Nov 20: 8am – 5pm
Nov 21: 9am – 5pm
Nov 22: 9am – 2pm (closing early)
Nov 23-26: CLOSED
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Dec 25-26: CLOSED
Warm wishes for a joyful holiday season and a brilliant New Year!